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Plumbing Seals
For Plumbing Applications we recommend either NBR or EPDM seals. We offer a range of sizes to fit most all plumbing facuets and pipes.  

​EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene) is inexpensive, versatile and performs well in hot and cold environments. It has good resistance to steam, alcohols, ozone, potash, sodium hydroxide and silicone oils and grease. 

Please take careful note that EPDM is not recommended for use with any type of petroleum fluids or applications. If your application requires higher heat we also recommend that you should use a peroxide cured material to help performance of the seal. 

Since EPDM is such a chemically saturated material it is subject to bloom. This is bleeding of the plasticizer of the material out of the part during the shelf life of the material.  This can result in a milky white or powdery subustance on the surface of the material. 

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