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Our 70 and 90 Durometer Polyurethane O-Rings are made to the highest AQL standards. We can supply these in small quantites for individual marker rebuilds up to pricing for large bulk orders.  We stock a full range of all the AS558 Standard Polyurethane paintball o-rings at competitive pricing. 

Custom Paintball Built Kits

We supply kits in both inch and metric sizes.  18 sizes, 200 rings per kit of the most common paintball sizes that will rebuild most any marker. Thes is our most common & economical kits

We can label with your Store or Teams Logo in a hard plastic reusable case.  We will even build you kits to meet you specifications. Just send us the details for the sizes you need.
High Quality Polyurethane O-Rings in 70 and 90 Durometer
Phenylmethyl silicone Lubricant (grease)

Developed as an equivalent to Molykote® 33, Tribolube® 0713L-2 is a Phenyl-methyl silicone grease with Lithium Stearate for excellent thermal and oxidation stability.  

Tribolube® 0713L-2 is compatible with all elastomeric seal materials and is the most common lubricant for rubber and plastic O-rings in all paintball applications

Synthetic Polyalphaolifin Lubricant (Oil)

​Tribolube® F-189 is a lubricating oil that exhibits excellent low volatility, wear and pour point, high flash and fire points, and excellent thermal and oxidation stability.

Tribolube F-189 is compatible with all elastomeric seal materials used in paintball applications

Synthetic Silicone Lubricant (grease)

Developed as an equivalent to Dow Corning® 111, Tribolube® 2080 is a silicone based, grease lubricant and sealant that inherently resists a variety of organic and inorganic chemicals.

Tribolube® 2080 is available in three unique grades, light, medium and heavy, and can be used as a lubricant for rubber and plastic O-rings in all paintball applications, among many other things.

Tribolube® 2080 can maintain serviceable consistency from -70° ~ 400°f (-57° to 204°c)

Alisyn® Solvent Cleaner 2930

The Alisyn® Solvent Cleaner is the best way to maintain the performance of your paintball marker. This premium solvent blend makes short work of built up grime, crud, and deposits both inside and outside of the instrument. Just spray it on and wipe away foreign material.

​MSDS and Data Sheets Available for all materials.  Contact us today

All Manufacturer Trade Names are trademarks of their respective manufacture and are used as reference only.  THSC does not supply genuine OEM parts
Here is a brief list of the following o-rings for markers we can supply in both inch and metric.  Click on our PDF below

-003          -014          -028          -204         2 x 1mm           10 x 1mm          6 x 1.5mm        5 x 2mm             14 x 2mm
-004          -015          -107          -210         2.5 x 1mm         11 x 1mm         7 x 1.5mm         6 x 2mm             15 x 2mm
-005          -016          -110          -214         3 x 1mm            12 x 1mm         8 x 1.5mm         6.5 x 2mm          16 x 2mm
-006          -017          -111                         4 x 1mm            13 x 1mm         8.5 x1.5mm        7 x 2mm             17 x 2mm
-007          -018          -112                         4.5 x 1mm         14 x 1mm         11x 1.5mm         8 x 2mm             18 x 2mm
-008          -019          -113                         5 x1mm             15 x 1mm         12 x 1.5mm        8.5mm x 2mm    19 x 2mm
-009          -020          -114                         6 x 1mm            16 x 1mm         13 x 1.5mm        9 x 2mm             20 x 2mm
-010          -021          -115                         6.5 x 1mm         17 x 1mm         14 x 1.5mm        9.5 x2mm           24 x 2mm
-011          -022          -116                         7 x 1mm            18 x 1mm         15 x 1.5mm       10 x 2mm            25 x 2mm
-012          -023          -117                         7.5 x 1mm          3 x 1.5mm       17 x 1.5mm       11 x 2mm
-013          -024          -118                         8 x1mm             3.5 x 1.5mm     20 x 1.5mm       12 x 2mm 
-014          -025          -119                         9 x 1mm            5 x 1.5mm          3 x 2mm         13 x 2mm
  • Need Brown Viton or Green HNBR O-rings.  We have those too!